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Providing Columbia with a high quality learning & development program since 1986.
  • Explorative Classroom Environments
  • Creative Curriculum Model
  • Hands-On Small Group Instruction
  • Developmentally Appropriate Activities

What are Families Saying

Andrew W.

Wow, where do I begin? My wife and I found ourselves checking out this place when our first pick was found to be seriously lacking in communication. Thankfully, really, because this place is AWESOME! We felt welcomed and left excited from our first meeting and tour. Now that our kiddo has been there for awhile, I couldn’t be happier. The teachers make very family and kiddo feel special, and they are VERY attentive! Recently a teacher suspected our kiddo had thrush; our doctor later commented that we caught it VERY early. They’re also fantastic about communicating bugs and whatnot that make their rounds through the classrooms, which is very reassuring. The teachers don’t seem to be there for a paycheck, but rather genuinely love helping the kids grow. I don’t doubt our daughter has grown and developed more quickly by attending EOR than if she was always home. The teachers work well as a team, and our girl is very comfortable with all of them. The other parents are great too, and it shows by the well-tempered kids that attend. I won’t hesitate to recommend EOR to my friends (already have) and to YOU! Check them out, and they’re competitively priced for the area.


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